QA with Joyce Baty: Salvation Army Angel Tree seeks donors

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where is this year&8217;s Salvation Army angel tree located?

It&8217;s located at the downtown branch of BankTrust.

How can people help with the angel tree project?

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Just go in and adopt an angel from the tree and buy a gift for the child.

When is the deadline for the angels to be adopted?

They need to be in by Dec. 14.

Is this a new project?

This is something that is done every year by the Salvation Army. The parents of underprivileged children sign them up by Oct. 1, and that is done through the Salvation Army.

How important is this charitable program for children in the community?

I think it&8217;s very important for kids who may not get anything (for Christmas) otherwise.

Are there guidelines for what a person can purchase for the child?

On the angel there is a toy listed, but that is just a suggestion. A person doesn&8217;t have to buy that particular toy. They also list the size of their clothes on the angel. It&8217;s up to the person that adopts it as to what they want to get them.

Is there a specific age group for the children who are part of the angel tree?

It&8217;s for children from birth to age 12.

Is this for children in Demopolis or surrounding areas?

It&8217;s for children in Demopolis and in Marengo County. There may be some from places like Sweet Water, but most of them are in Demopolis.

Is BankTrust the usual location for the angel tree?

They have had it there for the last two years. It had been at Regions previously.

Is there usually a good response to the program from the local community?

We always do have a very good response, but time is running out now so we need to push it a little bit. I checked with Linda Blair at BankTrust last week and only one had been adopted. It&8217;s already been up for a week.

If you would like more information, contact the Salvation Army at 289-6090 or Linda Blair at BankTrust at 289-3820.