Pat Dixon: First Shop Linden Drawing a success

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How did the first drawing for Shop Linden go?

This was done right before the Christmas parade on Dec. 7 started, so it seemed there was excitement in the crowd, anticipating who would be the lucky one.

Who were the winners?

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The three winners of the Linden Industrial Development Board&8217;s cash awards for Shop Linden were $50 &8212; William Bryant of Linden, $100 &8212; Cindy Wallace of Linden and $150 &8212; Ellis Voivedich of Faunsdale.

Will there be another drawing?

Shoppers can continue to register at the participating businesses in Linden with each purchase of $10 or more. Another drawing will be awarded at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 22 at the downtown park gazebo.

How will the second drawing work?

Those people whose names are in the barrel that were not are still eligible, also the first set of winners their names are being retained for the drawing. The winners do not have to be present to win.

Is there are reason for having two drawings?

The first one was done so quickly after the open house, so to have the second one was just to longer during the shopping season. Most of the shopping is actually done later than that.

Why did the IDB want to do this program?

These merchants weren&8217;t going to have as big of a year because so many people lost their jobs. It was kind of formed quickly to aid the merchants as well as aide the shoppers. It gives them a chance to help pay for whatever they might already be buying. The concern was there by each of the board members, to consider what blow the economy would be having with this kind of loss of jobs, because this hasn&8217;t occurred before. And just to think about what it meant for each of the families whose breadwinners lost a job. Even without the holidays, there is so much expense for caring for families with heating, medication, warmer clothes and those types of things.