Remodeling your home can be easy and affordable

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 28, 2008

Despite what recent weather conditions may indicate, Spring is fast approaching. If you are like many homeowners, in addition to finding new ways to get in some good, quality family time, you are fighting the urge to shake things up a little bit around the house. You may find the idea of remodeling intriguing but are afraid you lack the time and financial flexibility to pull off such a task.

Take heart. You may be able to give into the inkling to put a new face on a particular room in your home while still finding some great family time. The best part is it does not necessarily have to put excess strain on the bank account.

The first step is to pick which room to remodel. Perhaps the most logical choice is the kitchen. After all, it is likely the one place your entire family spends most of its time together, not to mention being the compartment of your home in which nearly every guest sees. The kitchen also often offers the benefit of having a larger variety of changeable parts from cabinets to floors to appliances to fixtures.

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So now that you have picked out a room, where do we begin? The next step for you is to pick out colors.

This fact alone can make it infinitely easier to add life to your home and Burge and the crew at Gardner Ace can prepare anyone to do their own painting.

Your remodel can be as simple or as complex as you choose. Doing something as simple as changing out the hinges and knobs of your cabinets or replacing the countertops can make an incredible difference.

In fact, according to Burge, doing the remodel yourself can save you considerable amounts of money not only on the labor but also on the materials. Burge explains customers can buy countertops for $12-14 per foot if they are looking to do the job themselves. They will often face triple that amount plus the cost of labor if they purchase to have them installed.

While the cost benefit of doing the job yourself is undeniable, there is also the added bonus of doing the job with the rest of the family. And while you may not be Bob Vila, Burge is confident many homeowners can pull off an impressive remodel in a timely manner.