Area church members help traveler in need

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 21, 2008

DEMOPOLIS &045; On his way through the state this week, a Navy veteran on a trek across the country on his bicycle was able to pay a visit to Demopolis. His travels have already brought him from Naples, Fla. and he hopes to continue on until he reaches Juneau, Alaska. But an unfortunate incident almost stopped his travels completely.

The Rev. Richard Cobbs of Trinity Episcopal Church heard of this man’s lifelong dream to complete his journey only after the cyclist found himself without a mode of transportation. After eating lunch in town, he came outside to find his expensive bicycle had been taking from the restaurant’s parking lot.

Upset, the traveler reported the loss to the Demopolis Police Department and later came to city hall to report the incident. This is where Cobbs and a group of residents from area churches stepped in. They were able to pool enough funds together to purchase him a new bicycle.

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Nevertheless, Cobbs and his fellow donors felt it necessary to give back what was taken from him. Although the traveler is back on his journey, which he hopes to complete by May, Cobbs said the incident has left him saddened.

Since becoming the interim rector at Trinity, Cobbs said he and his family have been welcomed to Demopolis and hoped the same could be done for those both passing through and deciding to live in Demopolis.

Cobb said the traveler is one his way past Meridian as of Thursday and he plans to keep up with him on his 4,000-mile journey to Alaska.