ADC honorees

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Democratic conference awards worthy leaders

The Alabama Democratic Conference hosted a political rally and luncheon themed &8220;One Person &8212; One Vote The Great Equalizer&8221; last weekend. The event not only presented an outlet for Marengo County Democrats to join forces and rally for their party, but also paid tribute to deserving honorees throughout the county.

U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, led the rally calling for a time of change. He predicted this year to be the year in which, Democrats can successfully make change happen. Davis&8217; speech was enlightening and fiery in support of the party and its future. He commended the local conference for the milestones the group has accomplished throughout the years.

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We echo Davis&8217; sentiments on the conference and encourage the party to continue the works they began years ago.

The event also honored 21 community leaders including Eddie W. Ayers, Annye E. Braxton, Dr. Walter E. Davis, Emma Jeffries Gibbs, Eddie Hardaway Jr., Mattie Richards-Herd, Barrown Douglas Lankster, Velma A. Lankster-Jones, the Rev. Fred D. Moore, Will Moore Sr., Joseph C. Murphy, Rusty Nichols, Willie Pond, Barbara B. Pritchett, Emma Ruffin Pritchett, Camilla Ratliff-Eatman, Theophalos C. Ratliff, Tommie J. Reese Sr., Francis &8220;Sister&8221; Webb Strong, Gwendolyn Collins Turner and Jesse J. Wheeler. We join ADC in honoring these individuals and thank them for their work to make our community better.