Prom: A lot of thought goes into senior prom night

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coordinating outfits

One of the most important considerations in picking out a tux ensemble is to consider the color of your date&8217;s dress. These coordinated outfits took the color turquoise from this asymmetrical straight lined dress with rhinestone beading and matched it to the vest and tie of the mandarin collared tuxedo.


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One of the primary accessories for any prom is the addition of a little greenery with a boutonniere or corsage. For guys, a boutonniere of a single rose or a selection of small flowers is the perfect finishing touch. The boutonniere is a nod to medieval times when a knight wore his lady&8217;s colors. The girl&8217;s corsage should be pinned on her dress or put on her wrist. This season, a popular alternative to the traditional corsage is a nosegay, which is a small bouquet of flowers. Flowers for both girls and guys should coordinate with the chosen colors of the prom couple&8217;s attire.


Girls &8212; to accessorize your prom attire, look for accessories that fit your style, weather that is more traditional such as this pearl set, or more modern with sparkle and shine. Also, if planning for an up do, earrings that hang look striking. Guys – don&8217;t forget the shades to add a little rock star appeal to your look.