Our Opinion: Banner Law

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Commission works with Chamber on request

During a time of a troublesome economy such as today&8217;s, we understand the needs of area merchants to receive as much benefit and support from city government as possible. With the rise in gas and other product pricing, area businesses are feeling the brunt of the economic storm and are searching for some relief.

The Demopolis Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors requested the Planning Commission for the City of Demopolis rescind the current ordinances regarding temporary signs, in particular banners that help increase sales. The Commission members expressed their understanding of the troubles area merchants are facing and set a meeting to address the current laws and devise a proposal to present to the city council.

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We agree with the Chamber&8217;s request for the Commission to review the current ordinance and make necessary modifications that will keep the beautification integrity of the city. It is our hope that a happy medium will be found to please all parties.