Council discusses anti-sagging law

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 14, 2008

LINDEN &8212; A discussion about the trend of sagging pants made its way from the national media into Linden City Hall Monday as council members discussed the possibility of enacting a law that would ban sagging pants that exposed undergarments.

At a previous meeting, Councilwoman Mitzi Gates brought up the discussion of anti-sagging legislation that has recently gained attention in larger metropolitan areas. The Florida Senate passed a favorable vote for such a law, which would make it criminal to expose one&8217;s underwear due to bagging pants.

Several of the council members seemed to be verbally in favor of such a law, but did not know the proper recourse on enacting such an ordinance. City attorney Woody Dinning and other officials were given the charge to look into the matter to measure the possibility of such legislation coming to Linden.

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Although the law has been passed in many places across the country, there have been few, if any arrests. Police Chief Scott McClure noted the one problem with the legislation is that if such an arrest were made, it would probably be challenged, which could lead to a lengthy legal battle. While other places in the state, such as Birmingham, are still toying with idea, McClure said it might be best to let larger places take the plunge first.

The council took no action on such a proposal.