Anthony Landrum — Sweet Water High School — The Demopolis Times Athlete of the Year nominee

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 25, 2008

Class: Senior

Sports: Football, baseball

Athlete on Athlete: &8220;He&8217;s a good guy. He&8217;s a hard worker. I don&8217;t think in the five years he played, he missed a practice. He&8217;s a good leader. He never slacked up. He always gave it all he had. He leads in his actions. He never said a whole lot, but he played hard. He probably got every carry in clutch situations.&8221; &8212; Sweet Water High School football and baseball player Drew Luker

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Coach Speak: &8220;He&8217;s a real humble, quiet, laid back. Anthony has been a real accountable person over the five years. He&8217;s the one we had to give the ball to. He was really a go-to guy for four years for us. He always did the job. We think Tuskegee is getting a quality person. They&8217;re getting a good, all-around back.&8221; &8212; Sweet Water High School football coach Stacy Luker

The Skinny: Landrum isn&8217;t the typical, boisterous superstar. He&8217;s unassuming and quiet. But that isn&8217;t an aspect of his personality that can be recognized in his statistics. He rushed for 2,130 yards and 39 touchdowns this season, bringing his career totals to 7,060 rushing yards and 117 all-purpose touchdowns. With a work ethic that is beyond reproach and a listen-first-ask-questions-later demeanor that guarantees success in nearly every circumstance, Landrum will prove an absolute steal for Tuskegee where he will be playing next season while working toward a degree in electrical engineering.