Our Opinion: U.S. Steel Plant

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New jobs mean bright future for Black Belt

With the announcement from the state of Alabama and U.S. Steel Corporation to bring a new plant to Sumter County, residents of the Black Belt have a reason to think positive in these often trying financial times.

During the past year, the immediate region has experienced significant job losses. Although not every family has been touched directly by these losses, people in all sectors of the community can empathize with the difficult task of picking ones self up and moving forward in the wake of fewer jobs.

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With 235 more permanent jobs and numerous construction jobs on the way, perhaps some of the previous year&8217;s losses can be recouped and our region can begin to dig itself out of an already tough financial landscape.

As Gov. Bob Riley said, &8220;This project will transform much of the Black Belt in a way nothing else ever has. It will launch these communities toward a brighter future. It will bring a new hope to the families who live there, and its impact will last for generations.&8221;

We hope this new plant is the beginning of a process to help the Black Belt reach its full potential as a premier center of industry in the state with a viable and thriving economy.