Cassandra Thomas — Marengo High School — The Demopolis Times Athlete of the Year nominee

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 9, 2008

Class: Freshman

Sports: Basketball and track

Athlete on Athlete: &8220;She&8217;s a great player. She listens to the coach. She gets it. She&8217;s a great teammate. She can go all the way. (In a few years) we might be champions. We&8217;re going to be a good team.&8221; &045; Marengo High girls basketball player Cherriell Carr

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Coach Speak: &8220;She&8217;s self-motivated. She&8217;s determined. She&8217;s hard-working. She&8217;s dedicated. She&8217;s disciplined. She&8217;s a leader. She has a very mature approach. You would think that she is the oldest on the team. She&8217;s a mentor. She loves the game. She has it at heart. Her actions speak for her. She&8217;s great with fast breaks. Her jump shots are awesome. Her free throws are wonderful. If she can&8217;t do it, she&8217;s going to try and try and try. She&8217;s not limited at all.&8221; &045; Marengo High girls basketball coach Shuronda Agee

The Skinny: Thomas plays the game with a tantalizing purity, delivering each pinpoint pass, stroking each silky jumper and rhythmically weaving through opposing defenses with simplistic beauty. Her unassuming, laid back demeanor away from basketball follows her onto the court, ensuring her game will exclaim every word her mouth does not utter. A consummate team player and a coach&8217;s dream, Thomas&8217; talent demands attention while her maturity and approach to the game defies her classification. Her immeasurable passion for the game is surpassed only by her unmatched work ethic and otherworldly natural ability. . Even with all of those attributes, the most mind-boggling fact about Cassandra Thomas is there is no limit to how good she can become. While her disposition may grant her anonymity off the court, Thomas&8217; rare combination of talent and work ethic screams her nomination is justified.