Larrence Pritchett — Marengo High School — The Demopolis Times Athlete of the Year nominee

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 9, 2008

Class: Junior

Sports: Football and basketball

Athlete on Athlete: &8220;He&8217;s a good leader. He likes to make sure everybody&8217;s comfortable. Larrence is very good on the field. He&8217;s got a lot of fundamentals. He loves the game. He loves to practice and he loves to play. He&8217;s a beast. He&8217;s just strong. He&8217;s the anchor on offense and defense. Our line wouldn&8217;t be nearly as good without him.&8221; &045; Marengo High football player Morris Daniel

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Coach Speak: &8220;He&8217;s strong. He controls the middle. He has an ability to neutralize the defensive front. He can run. He has size and speed. For the upcoming season, he&8217;ll be the most experienced and best O-Line and D-Line we&8217;ve got. We&8217;re building around him. He has the potential to be a great leader. We expect him to be a locker room captain and field captain.&8221; &045; Marengo High football coach Scottie Jones

The Skinny: He pulls double duty on both sides of the gridiron trench and plays bigger than his 6-foot-1-inch frame in the low post in basketball, but Pritchett&8217;s passion is snuffing opposing offenses on Friday nights. His child-like smile and welcoming off-field exterior do little to indicate the uncontainable force he becomes when his hand is planted firmly across the neutral zone from the ball. The 260-pound interior defensive lineman appreciates the absolute physicality that accompanies his position, a fact he displayed last season while tackling 84 ball carriers, sacking 12 quarterbacks, forcing four fumbles and recovering two. But more impressive than the athleticism he brings to the table, are the intangibles he exhibits. Pritchett is a genuine &8220;big picture&8221; player.

Pritchett&8217;s determination, drive and on-field alter ego are more than enough to cement his position among the prep greats in Marengo County, but good luck getting him to say that.