Linden BOE cuts more jobs

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 12, 2008

LINDEN &8212; After the decision to terminate two support personnel last week, the Linden City Schools Board of Education voted to make employment changes for 11 certified employees Monday.

According to Superintendent Scott Collier, the decision is the continuation of an annual evaluation process the system undergoes every year. Collier said this group of changes is a combination of non-renewing contracts and transferring of teachers to different grade levels.

Furthermore, Collier said all three Linden City Schools would be affected by the personnel changes. But as with the previous years, Collier said the system is willing to rehire a former employee under the right circumstances.

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But before the board can look at rehiring any personnel, they must be sure about their finances for the next year. The system&8217;s budget hinges primarily on state funding, which was about 60 percent last year.

In addition to expected cuts from the state, Collier said they are facing another loss from some federal grant funds whose award term has expired.

State legislators have yet to agree on a suitable education budget, leaving school systems across the state in limbo. The proposed education budget has been approved in the House of Representatives, and is in process in the Senate before going to the governor for approval.

The state legislature has until May 19, the last day of legislative session to pass the education budget.