Getting in shape

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DEMOPOLIS &8212; Second year head coach Tom Causey and his staff are at work putting their players through spring conditioning drills and, in turn, laying one of the foundational elements of what will become the new look of Demopolis football.

Once the coaching staff arrived in Demopolis last year, it was in the midst of a time crunch which did not allow for the implementation of such a program.

In addition to the standard running and weight training, Causey&8217;s players are engaging in specially-designed routines that will enhance agility and dexterity while complementing the workouts to which the players are accustomed.

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While the physical benefits of the conditioning exercises will be most apparent, it is the intangible rewards the Demopolis coaching staff most looks forward to reaping.

Causey reports that the spring and summer sessions will help the coaching staff and players identify the team&8217;s leaders. Once that goal is accomplished, Causey&8217;s desire for players to &8220;take ownership&8221; of the team will begin to be satisfied.

According to Causey, the emergence of leaders will help the team to transplant the level of character it displays in the classroom and community to the practice field, weight room and Friday night stage.