Quarterback club sponsors rodeo event

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OK, the draw down was a good idea. There is no way around that. Its fruits are undeniable. But no matter how good an idea the draw down was, its success remained wholly contingent on the efforts of a dedicated, determined quarterback club. That made the draw down a risky proposition. Considering the inexperience of the rookie Demopolis QB club, the draw down should have proven a taxing venture that would ultimately result in failure.

However, history, profits and a few hundred people who had one memorable night are evidence enough that this club is willing to buck the odds and defiantly proclaim to naysayers that it cares enough about its kids, its teams and its community to pull off whatever grand undertaking necessary to accomplish its goals.

Now, the club is at it again. In another first for the City of the People, the quarterback club will host a rodeo this Friday and Saturday to raise funds to cover the costs incurred by the football programs at DHS and DMS.

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As club president Kenny Freeman and DHS head coach Tom Causey have eloquently pointed out on multiple occasions, the cost of outfitting one player from head to toe is nearly $1,000. Simply put, all the money raised from the draw down can cover the price of equipment for 16 players.

In addition to pads, jerseys and the like, the programs also have to cover the cost of weight room equipment, travel and meals before and after each game. Anyone who has seen male teenage athletes eat knows that, in and of itself, can be an expensive ordeal.

Now, granted, the players do currently have some weight equipment and some on-field equipment. But those items, like everything else, don&8217;t last forever. When the new stadium is completed the teams will need some new weight training equipment for the facility.

Additionally, there is the customary upgrading and replacing of pads as the need arises.

Compounding the problem for the high school team is the fact it will have only four home games this season rather than the traditional five.

That cuts out approximately 20 percent of the funds it would ordinarily receive from ticket sales.

All those factors add up to one thing, the need for outside funding. That&8217;s where the quarterback club comes into play yet again. If the club meets its fundraising goals with the rodeo, it will have contributed nearly $30,000 between its two major events.

Now, the need is identified, the solution is proposed and the people behind the scenes are in place to make the rodeo a success.

So what is left to do? Show up and enjoy the show. Quarterback club members have gone to great lengths to ensure the exhibition will offer something for everyone.

From the standard events put on by the 3R Rodeo Company to family-oriented activities like face painting, horse rides, a mechanical bull, sheep rides and a calf scramble to the vocal stylings of stunning and talented former American Idol contestant Lindsay Blanton, the quarterback club&8217;s first rodeo promises to defy the odds again, creating a memorable night for hundreds and raising much needed funds for the young men who represent Demopolis on those charged Friday nights of fall.

Jeremy D. Smith is sports editor for The Demopolis Times. His column runs weekly.