Our Opinion: County library seeks relocation for growth

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 9, 2008

Just last week, Joyce Morgan, library director for the Marengo County Library, discussed her mission to expand her facility to accommodate the library&8217;s growing number of patrons and participants in the annual summer reading program to the Marengo County Commission.

Supporters of the Marengo County Library have hopes to either expand the current facility on Highway 43 or look into relocating the library to other buildings that the county owns. Morgan told the commission any renovations to their current 2,300 square foot facility would merely be a &8220;band-aid,&8221; or a temporary fix, for their long-terms needs. ? The needs for the library have continually increased according to Morgan who said approximately 100 children and 40 adults squeezed into the three rooms of the library to do activities.

While we understand the commission is under a tight budget, we encourage the commissioners to seek the best interest of the citizens of Marengo County and help house a great educational tool of the county.

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Furthermore, we commend the efforts of the friends and supporters of the library on their promotion of reading and library member recruitment.