Adult education program offers a second chance

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 16, 2008

LINDEN &8212; Alabama Southern Community College kicked off their adult education program this week at the George P. Austin Junior High School, with at least six participants looking to pursue more education.

For many people, going back to school after a period being out can be difficult. But for Bertha Hogan, going back to school was both a chance to better herself and help out her family.

Hogan, 51, dropped out of high school in the ninth grade. She had three children and eventually her children had children. But it was not until the last year that she decided to go back to school.

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She has been participating in the program for the last year, and will continue this year at the new Linden site, which is only a short walk from her apartment. As with many people in adult education, transportation to and from an education site is a main reason that people do not consistently stay in a program. But for Hogan, the drive to continue has allowed her to make transportation arrangements and stay in the program.

One thing she is most interested in after passing the general educational development, or GED, test, she said, is to work with computers, a task she knows very little about.

Tamika Dial, the adult education instructor from Alabama Southern who will be coordinating the Linden site, said Hogan came in at the lowest skill level, but has already worked her way up four levels.

Hogan said her family is very supportive of her choice to go back to school. One of her daughters has even offered an incentive of a new computer if she passes the test and learns to use a computer, she said.

Dial, who has worked closely with many people pursuing their GED, said the program is about consistency and dedication just as much as it is about the different subject areas.

The courses will be taught Mondays and Tuesdays from 1 to 3 p.m. For more information call Alabama Southern at 334-287-0174.