E-911 board has quorum for second straight meeting

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 17, 2008

LINDEN &8212; For a second consecutive meeting the E-911 board had a quorum, allowing them to conduct business Tuesday.

One of the first things addressed was more business with Synergem Emergency Services, a consulting firm the board has worked with previously to obtain bids for new communications equipment.

The board approved a motion at their last meeting to allow Steve Brooks with Synergem to move forward with bids on an ANI-ALI telecommunications system, and were hoping to discuss with him several more proposals for a new mapping system, new radios and new standard operating procedure manuals at this meeting. Brooks was not at the meeting, causing the board to postpone any decision on some of the proposals.

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But the board did agree to go forward with seeking a bid for standard operating procedure, or SOP, manuals, a move that requires the board to pay Synergem half the cost for the service up front.

Half of the cost for seeking out the ANI-ALI system has already been paid to Synergem, according to E-911 director Lisa Mangum.

The board agreed the SOPs were next in a list of priorities for the immediate needs of the E-911 service, and the rest would have to wait until more information was available.

Another pressing concern for daily operations at the communications center is a new E-911 vehicle primarily used for addressing. For the last week, the E-911 vehicle has been out of commission after another breakdown, Mangum said. After the mechanic told her the vehicle was unsafe to drive, Mangum decided to discontinue its use.

The board agreed to allow Mangum to work with Ron Few on preparing and obtaining bids for a new vehicle to replace the current one.

In other business, the board:

Heard a proposal on E-911 employee salaries, and postponed action on any raises for a future meeting.