Our Opinion: New school site is another tool in the toolbox

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 30, 2008

As quickly as technology changes, it&8217;s easy to be left behind.

Software and hardware changes are launched almost daily. If you&8217;re a school, which relies heavily on unreliable state budgets and independent fund raising, computers can take a backseat to books, repairs and salaries.

The Demopolis City School System recently launched a new Web site aimed at linking students, teachers and parents via the World Wide Web. Network Administrator Jeremiah Dial said the possibilities of the new site were virtually limitless in regards to parent/teacher interaction.

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This technology is vastly superior to what many of us grew up with: Sticky notes and red-penned letters stuffed in a backpack.

The Web site, www.demopoliscityschools.com, also allows parents to get a peek at what homework assignments have been made and will have news updates regarding activities and schools.

A dedication to keeping abreast of technological advances, and the willingness to adapt to them, is a key piece to keeping parents informed and ensuring the overall health of a school system.

We are pleased that our city school system has dedicated both the manpower and the funds to these efforts. Our students are being reared in an age where Internet and e-mail will change the way they lead their lives. The new Web site is a tool local parents can use to stay in touch with what goes on at school, which also gives them the opportunity to reinforce what was taught in school.

Any opportunity you can find to strengthen the cooperation between parents and teachers is an investment worth making.