Qualifying ends for Demopolis municipal elections

Published 9:53 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DEMOPOLIS — It’s official: Incumbent Mayor Cecil P. Williamson and challenger Mike Grayson will battle it out in a two-person race to see who leads Demopolis for the next four years.

Williamson and Grayson were the only two candidates to qualify for the mayor’s race; both filed to run at the beginning of the qualifying period.

The race looks like 2004 redux, when Williamson narrowly defeated Grayson in a runoff election.

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But the most fascinating races may end up being for city council seats. Districts 2 and 4 are guaranteed new representation since neither incumbent elected to run again.

In District 2, three candidates have emerged to battle for the seat currently belonging to Charles Jones Sr.

Mitchell Congress, Charles Jones Jr. and Alex J. Roberson each qualified to run for the District 2 post.

Roberson qualified on the last day to do so.

In District 4, Jeremiah Dial and Bill Meador will face off for incumbent Woody Collins’ seat. Collins did not attempt to qualify for re-election.

Longtime District 1 Councilman Thomas O. Moore faces a challenge from Dexter Jones for his seat in the August elections.

District 3 incumbent Melvin Yelverton faces Ronnie L. Byrd for his council seat.

The only sure bet during the municipal election season seems to be District 5 Councilman Jack Cooley. Cooley is running unopposed to retain his council seat.