Tigers practice with full staff

Published 11:25 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DEMOPOLIS — The Tigers’ Tuesday practice session was a little bit hotter this week than normal as the team met two hours early to work around scheduled baseball games and practices.

“The heat was a little bit different,” head coach Tom Causey said. The Tigers’ top man reported that the team maintained a good tempo throughout most of the session, sagging off briefly as practice wore on.

“The guys that were there were working hard,” he said. “It’s hard to get everybody there that time of day because a lot of people are working.” Causey said the coaching staff was also successful in getting some of its younger players some much-needed repetitions during the practice.

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The practice was also the first the team has had this summer with its entire coaching staff. Newly hired offensive line coach Jeremy Sullivan and defensive coordinator Rudy Griffin were on hand to work with their respective groups, making an immediate and noticeable impact on the squad.

“It was great. You can already see a difference in our linemen and in our defense,” Causey said. “They know we’ve got a plan. The expectations of our two new coaches are just like everybody else’s. They’re very high for everybody out there.”

Perhaps the biggest encouragement Causey took away from the session was the performance of his stud senior wide receiver, Brian Taylor.

“He caught the ball extremely well. He was flying to the ball on both sides. He had the kind of day we need him to have everyday,” Causey said. “He’s really stepped up the leadership these last couple of weeks. I think it’s kind of his him that this is it. This is his senior year. I think that’s lit a fire under his tail.”

The Tigers have one more team practice session before they travel to Thomasville for a 7-on-7 competition on Monday, July 28. Demopolis will then host its own 7-on-7 Tuesday, July 29.