Weekend tournament will help city

Published 12:00 pm Friday, July 18, 2008

There will probably be a few aggravated drivers in Demopolis during the weekend as the city hosts the Babe Ruth 14U state championship tournament at the SportsPlex.

But those drivers should ease off the gas to their tempers just a little bit.

The City of the People is benefitting greatly from the tourist dollars that will be spent this weekend.

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Ten teams with 12 to 15 players plus coaching staffs will be in town, to say nothing of the parents who come to watch their children play.

The majority of those teams will travel, stay in Demopolis hotels/motels and eat in Demopolis restaurants.

We hate to use the term, but that is trickle-down economics at its best. Area businesses will make more money, area workers like waitresses will make more in tips — and that’s money the business owners and workers will likely spend in Demopolis.

So this weekend — if lines are longer at area restaurants, if there’s a little congestion on U.S. Highway 80 or Alabama Highway 43 South — take that time to remember how much our visitors bring to town with them.

And also remember that you — yes, you, the ordinary citizen of Demopolis — are going to be the best ambassador for the City of the People.

The way you treat visitors stands out in their minds, so we urge smiles and kindness — and a little understanding if someone gets turned around the wrong way on the highway and backs up traffic.

After all, Demopolis has a reputation to uphold around the state. Let’s all do our part to make sure this weekend is a memorable one — in a good way — for everyone involved in the state tournament.

Best of luck to all the teams and individuals involved in this weekend’s tournament.