Eye-care workers learn customer service

Published 10:26 pm Monday, July 21, 2008

DEMOPOLIS — The staff at Green Family Eye Care is here to serve. Don’t believe it? Just take a look — no pun intended.

After attending the Vision Source Conference this past year, Dr. G. Chad Green came back to his Demopolis office and instituted a program designed to improve the overall patient experience called Meta-MORE-phosis.

“The primary reason we chose to participate in this program is to boost our workplace environment to a higher standard, which not only keeps our excellent team excited about their careers, but also makes our office a happier environment for our patients,” said Green.

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And he’s right. His strategy seems to be working.

“It’s been great coming here,” said patient Eddie Ballas of Providence.

“They’re really efficient and the staff are very friendly and helpful,” said Ballas, who was in for an exam on Monday.

The Meta-MORE-Phosis program as a whole consists of an eight-week interactive format, which appeals to all learning styles through video clips, audio messages, journaling, graphics and personal exercises.

“The program works to help identify personal goals and strengths and then incorporate them into the workplace,” said Green.

“While it focuses mainly on personal enrichment, the terminal goal is better patient care and service.”

Throughout the eight-weeks, the employees listened to a 45-minute message each Friday, then kept a running journal each week, noting topics that became evident while participating in the program.

Meta-MORE-Phosis has been used in around 150 offices nationwide, and according to a recent national survey, 94 percent of those who participated reported seeing significant improvements in the personal and professional development of employees.

“It’s quite impressive that an individual practice such as Green Family Eye Care would make the investment to participate in the program,” said founder and developer Doug Hanson, one of America’s foremost experts on personal and professional development.

“It speaks quite highly of the commitment that Dr. Green has to both his employee team and community as a whole.”

As within any business, there’s always room for improvement, but Green says that the results of the program are already evident, and he, as well as his team are excited about the future of their practice.