Player of the week

Published 11:14 pm Monday, August 4, 2008

The Tutt Real Estate Tigers in the nine- and 10-year-old age group of the Cal Ripken League have had a great season, 13-2 with the regular season title, and post season, 4-1 to win the league tournament.

The team is busting with talent, but several players standout. One of the most important players to the team in its post-season play was the bat of Wallace Tutt. His first at bat in the tournament lead to the first points for the Tigers and he was the last player to cross the plate in the last game of the tourney.

In the group&8217;s first game against Collins Communications Cubs Tutt led off in a big way. After teammate Ryan Schroeder got on base off a walk, Tutt stepped up and lead off his swinging in the tournament with an in-the&045;park homerun that put his team up, 2-0, and gave it a lead it would not relinquish as the Tigers beat their first opponent, 12-6. Tutt scored twice more in the match up.

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In the final two games in which the Tigers faced the Wallace Wood Nationals, a team they faced once to get to the finals and twice to walk off with the title, Tutt scored twice &8212; one in the first game and the game decider in the second.

In the fifth inning of the final, Tutt singled and worked his way home to seal the, 7-6, victory for his team as the final two batters of the inning racked up two outs.