Grayson looking to the future

Published 11:04 pm Thursday, August 7, 2008

Demopolis businessman Mike Grayson wants to see a better Demopolis — one prepared to embrace the future.

Grayson, the challenger to incumbent Mayor Cecil P. Williamson, told the Civitan Club that the city needs a real and significant change in leadership in order to be ready for the challenges of coming years.

“What do we want the outside world to think about our city?” He said. “There are 19 days left until Demopolis chooses a new mayor and city council. This is the most crucial election in the past 20 years.”

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Grayson said he’s running on a platform of leadership, truth and accountability.

“Good leadership is about setting a good example,” Grayson said.

The candidate also talked up his vision of a unified Demopolis pursuing projects to help the city.

“It’s about the six C’s,” Grayson said. “That’s the city, county, churches, corporations, civic clubs and citizens all getting on the same page and pursuing the same goals.”

But most of all, Grayson said he wanted the people of Demopolis to understand that they can do better.

“We don’t have to be average when we can be exceptional,” he said. “Progress is not measured by how many times you get your picture in the paper, and leadership doesn’t care about credit — leadership cares about getting things done.”

And if Demopolis doesn’t embrace its current challenges, Grayson said the city could begin to stall.

“There is no status quo,” he said. “Either you’re falling behind or moving ahead — and we need to move ahead.”

The way to do that, Grayson said, is to work across boundaries within the city.

“There is no black Demopolis; there is no white Demopolis,” he said. “There is no north side vs. south side. There is no downtown vs. Highway 80. There is one Demopolis.”