Demopolis Times poll: Voter turnout could be higher than normal

Published 8:14 pm Monday, August 25, 2008

People around here take their voting seriously — at least, for today’s election.

In speaking with a random selection of people, almost everyone said that he would vote in today’s election.

Some said that they wanted to vote because the mayoral elections are important.

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“I wanted to vote so my candidate would get in,” said Charles Lewis of Linden.

“I have a lot to say, and you really don’t matter if you don’t vote,” said T’Keisha Chandler of Demopolis, who said she wanted to vote for Cecil Williamson.

“It’s a big election,” said Paula Mays of Demopolis, who indicated that she would vote for Mike Grayson.

Others said they wanted to vote because it was their civic duty.

“I just believe that your vote makes a difference,” said Cory Frazier of Demopolis.

Debra Wommack of Demopolis also summed up this opinion: “It’s the thing to do!”

Of the 30 people surveyed, only one person said he would not vote in today’s election.

“I just won’t have the time,” said Mike Lankford of Demopolis.

There are as many reasons to vote or not to vote as there are voters. If this random sampling is any indication, today’s turnout should be strong, typical of an election in which there are strong opinions of the candidates.