Physics break through is impressive

Published 8:30 pm Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I don’t pretend to understand everything that happens in our universe. It’s most likely that I understand less than a few percent. However, the happenings and inter-workings of our universe and solar system fascinate me to no end.

To think there are billions upon billions of miles of space in our solar system is almost unfathomable. What does the end of our universe look like? Is there an end?

Yesterday, a group a physicists and scientists started up a machine that they hope will generate, on a small scale, the events that created our universe – commonly referred to as the “Big Bang.”

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Let’s take religion out of this for a second. They’re not tying to prove or disprove the existence of God or whether or not all things in the universe were created by Him. That’s not a factor here. It’s hard to deny that there is an incredible amount of physics and science at work in outer space, regardless of how it was created. All this machine will do is allow scientists to get close to these things to understand them.

These men and women have created a machine that could revamp modern physics and unlock secrets about the universe and its origins. In our lifetime, some of the biggest and most important secrets to do with space could be discovered.

From a scientific standpoint, the Big Bang is heralded as the jumping-off point of the universe. The Big Bang is thought to have occurred 15 billion years ago when an unimaginably dense and hot object the size of a small coin exploded in a void, spewing out matter that expanded rapidly to create stars, planets and eventually life on Earth.

To think we may be only a few years from knowing how and why this happened is exciting.

– Jason Cannon