County sees surge in voters

Published 12:05 am Saturday, September 13, 2008

The number of registered voters has reached a record number in Marengo County in a year when people are registering in droves nationwide.

According to Carolyn Thomas, the chair of the Marengo County board of registrars, there were 14,784 voters registered in the county as of yesterday.

“I believe that is the most ever,” she said.

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People who want to vote in the Oct. 7 runoff elections must register before Sept. 27. Runoff elections in Marengo County include the Myrtlewood mayor’s race between Mitchell Hall and Fred Sakon and Demopolis City Council District 2 between Mitchell Congress and Charles E. Jones Jr.

“If you want to register to vote in the runoff election or make changes in your registration within the county before the runoff election, you have to do it before Sept. 27, before that 10-day cutoff,” Thomas said.

Thomas added that 145 people registered to vote in Marengo County in the month of August, attributing that to the interest in that month’s municipal elections.