Food is part of the fun in fall

Published 12:54 pm Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh my goodness! Did anyone catch that NFL game Monday night? Cowboys vs. Eagles. I was on the edge of my seat!

Now that is some good football! I’m so stoked. This is my favorite time of year.

It’s the perfect time to just open up the windows and let the fresh air in.

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The one thing I enjoy about fall is the cookin’ and the eatin’.

When having company over for a quick meal, your options are wide open. One of my favorite things in the world is a meatloaf sammich!

It’s quick and easy, and you just can’t go wrong with meatloaf. I had some friends over to watch the game last night and meatloaf was definitely on the menu.

I wanted something that would be filling and leave a smile on everyone’s face. I was at the grocery store and picked up some ground chuck. I knew I had some Lipton Soup packets at the house. I think that is what adds such fabulous flavor to any meatloaf.

I want to bite into it and have it bursting with flavor. It’s quick, simple and satisfying. I picked up some texas toast, kettle cooked barbeque chips and I was on my way!

When I got home I knew I had about an hour to get everything ready . I took the meat and mixed in a packet of Lipton Soup Mix. I added some diced red bell pepper, a little salt and pepper and I was all set.

I put the oven on 350 and my meatloaf was ready to go in. I left it in there for about 30 minutes, took it out and added some ketchup to the top. After letting it cook for another 20 minutes or so I pulled it out, let it cool and sliced it up.

I toasted the Texas toast, putting a little bit of garlic butter on one side of the bread. After all that you just assemble a little sandwich and you’re done.

With a side of chips on the plate you have yourself a filling meal. Hey, how else can you feed eight people for lass than 15 bucks? Cooking doesn’t have to be hard.

The easiest things in the world to do are sometimes the most pleasing. Enjoy this wonderful weather, pop the food in the stove and enjoy the company of others.

Fall is definitely in the air, and I can’t get the smile off my face. I love to entertain during the fall, so keep reading, cause lots of easy entertaining tips are on the way! Till next time, have a good day today and a better day tomorrow.

Jennifer Whaley is the owner and Chef of Lemon Grass on Highway 80.