Bailout is a bust in my book

Published 9:01 pm Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have followed what mainstream media have dubbed the “$700-billion bailout” very closely over the past several days. I’m totally against it.

If I didn’t do my job up to expectations, those who make sure I got my paycheck would make sure that came to an end. There wouldn’t be a governmental knight in shining armor to swoop down and save the day. I’d be out of luck and out of work.

The fact this even becomes an option baffles me. Why should taxpayers foot the bill for a failing business? I’ve been steadily employed since I was 14. I’ve seen my tax dollars squandered on more things than I can count. I’ve been getting cut for Social Security for 14 years and it may not even exist by the time I qualify for it!

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Lawmakers in Washington have got some self-inflicted problems to solve before we go handing out free money to people who freely gave their money to people who couldn’t afford to take it.

Washington alarmists say failure to act would bring on an economic disaster, which could include more bank failings, an even more sluggish stock market and increased foreclosures. That’s some scary stuff, but how do you think that will resonate in Demopolis, Alabama?

Likely, not much at all. What this does is sweep a bunch of bad decisions under the rug, and it’s not fair that you and I have to foot the bill for it.