Demopolis Public library assistant leaving

Published 7:37 pm Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lee Boulie came to Demopolis in February as the assistant director of the Demopolis Public Library, just a few months after gaining her master’s degree from the University of Alabama. Now, just eight months later, she is moving on to work at Rhodes College, a prestigious university in Memphis.

“I’m going to be an information services librarian,” she said. “That consists of working on the Web site, and I will be a liaison between the faculty and the library and students working with their online course management system. I’ll also perform library/technology instruction, reference work and other projects.”

A native of Nashville, Tenn., Boulie is a two-time champion in track and field as a middle-distance runner. She also participated in cross country and soccer at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School, where her teams earned state runner-up finishes.

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She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2005 with a degree in environmental studies and a minor in geography. She completed her master’s degree in library and information studies at Alabama in 2007. She has also worked with the Metropolitan Nashville Public Library and the University of Alabama library, and interned with the State Department Library in Washington, D.C..

“I think that I was a product of libraries,” Boulie said. “When I grew up, something my parents always gave me was a library card, a trip to the library and books. I think that helped me, because I tested really well on the admissions tests, and was able to always go to school on academic scholarships, and I think it’s because I went to the library at such an early age, that I developed a love for reading, and now I’m going to work at a college library.

“I could read before I entered kindergarten. I can remember reading to my kindergarten class.”

In Demopolis, Boulie implemented the adult summer reading program and children’s Spanish material. She performed library collection development and acquisitions, cataloging all library materials, she oversaw all Inter-library loan requests, and resolved technology issues. She also assisted librarian Morgan Grimes with updating the library

policies and the computer classes.

“I was impressed when I first came here,” she said. “I was impressed with the facility and the size of the collections. I think this community values the library, but continued publicity and outreach is important. The more people who come to the library, the better.

“I’ve really enjoyed the Lunch at the Library program,” Boulie said. “I think that’s been very successful. I also really enjoyed working with the children’s summer reading program. It’s a really good program to keep children involved with reading over the summer.

“I’m really going to miss Demopolis. It was a hard decision. It is such a charming town. I love small towns; the people make you feel very welcome. It’s a wonderful place. It’s hard to leave.”

Boulie said she did have to go through a little “transition phase” when she arrived here, having lived in larger cities such as Nashville, St. Louis, Washington, Knoxville and Tuscaloosa.

“I like it because the people are so laid back,” she said. “I had to slow down a little bit.”

Boulie noted how important the library is for any community.

“I think that the people here need to continue to use the library,” she said, “and that city officials continue to support the library. I truly believe that libraries need to be the heart of the community, because it’s a place where anybody, no matter who you are, can go and receive equal opportunity to knowledge. I just think that knowledge is power, and key to making informed decisions.”