There’s no need to fear

Published 6:08 pm Monday, September 29, 2008

As the stock market continues to tumble and questions remain over how bad our economy will get, we offer you this simple mantra: “Fear not.”

Fear not, for these are not unchartered waters. Many of our parents or grandparents have twice lived through something similar – once during the Great Depression and once when the markets bottomed out again in 1987.That generation weathered the two greatest economic downturns in the history of the United States. The sun continued to rise and set. We should learn from their wisdom and draw upon their strengths.

Fear not, for this is a learning experience for the rest of us. Many of the newest generation of corporate and economic leaders have never had to struggle. As they tread their way through solutions, we’re learning from our mistakes. This downturn comes as an unwelcome crash course, but such events are rarely as bad as they seem.

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Fear not, for this is the gateway to greater things. While the journey may be paved with hardship, it is clear our destination will be great. If history has shown us anything, it reveals that and much more good, in the form of economic growth and expansion, usually follows major downturns.

Fear not, for this is the American way. Our country was founded by men and women who stared in the face of uncertainty and persevered. We’re facing another opportunity to battle hardships in an effort to emerge as a greater and stronger county.

Fear not, for this hardship and any to follow will be short-lived. The end result will be an improved inner strength and ability to lead the next wave of economic prosperity.

Fear not, for the end is not near. Fear not, because we will survive and fear not for we will prosper again.