Where are the Demopolis High Tiger fans?

Published 6:11 pm Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear editor, The Times:

As I stood in the stands cheering at Friday night’s football game, I wondered why I sounded so loud. Looking around, I realized why. There were only a handful of us standing and cheering. What has happened to Demopolis? Where have all the fans gone? A fan is someone who is at the game come rain, shine, sleet, snow, hot, or cold; cheering for their team regardless of the score or the win-loss record. Friday night Demopolis had very few of these fans there.

I had bragged about Demopolis for years to my husband before we moved here – the loyalty of the fans and the sound of “Eye of the Tiger” on a Friday night. However, last night was sad. How are we supposed to expect the boys on the field to get pumped when the crowd is flat? How are we supposed to teach those kids to never quit when the fans quit on them? The “fans” started leaving before the game was over. Oh wait, they did pause for a moment when we did something good. How do you think those boys felt to turn around and see their friends, family, and classmates pouring out of the stands with time still left on the clock?

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Now, I know that the goal in high school athletics in to win. However, high school athletics also help you learn about life. They teach you hard work, discipline, commitment, loyalty and determination. Come on, Demopolis fans. Let’s not undermine all that by quitting on our boys and only supporting them when they win. Let’s not teach them that it is okay to quit. We can’t expect our boys to lead when we don’t support them. We need to be there regardless of what the scoreboard says. Those boys are out there giving their heart and soul. They have worked hard and are the most disappointed of all when they lose. Let’s pick them up and cheer them on.

Come on, Demop! For the love of the game! For the love of the boys! Stand up and yell – Go Big Blue!


Glenda Bradley