Don’t cut out those who need you

Published 8:41 am Thursday, October 2, 2008

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But, when times get tight, the tight get tighter.

Many very worthy local organizations rely on the generosity of local businesses and residents to help improve the quality of life in some way or another.

For example, the United Way, the American Cancer Society and the Red Cross all rely on the financial givings of those who can afford it. However, in a tough economy, many people are finding less spare change to dole out to the charity of their choice.

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While this is completely understandable, it’s also caused great hardship on these organizations.

Local organizations and civic clubs have done many things in the past several years to make Demopolis a better place to live. The funds they receive from their annual fundraisers helps keep the organization active in the community and finances donations, supplies and scholarships.

In tough economic times, we ask that the public still find a way to support these organizations. Cutting back doesn’t have to mean cutting out, and if you absolutely have to eliminate those donations, look for other ways you can help.

Can you donate your time instead of your dollars?

To many organizations, able-bodied volunteers are just as good as monetary donations.

Your time is valuable, but the donation of your services will go a long way toward the goals of the charity, even if that means you help unpack boxes of clothes or help unload some donated furniture.

We urge you to call one of the many local civic organizations or charitable causes and find a way you can contribute. Your method of contribution is up to you.