Please support local development

Published 9:13 pm Friday, October 10, 2008

Jennifer James, director of the Regional Center for Community and Economic Development, said in Thursday’s edition of the Demopolis Times that a warehouse-type operation was looking to locate in Sumter County, but was also considering an area in Mississippi.

While it would have been better news to hear they were looking in Marengo County, the fact they are interested in becoming our neighbors shouldn’t go overlooked.

James declined to elaborate on what the company does or who the company may be, but said they were seeking potential employees who are certified forklift operators; currently hold a CDL driver’s license; are willing to become a certified forklift operator; interested in attending a local truck driving school to earn a CDL; or are interested in a general labor position.

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“The company offers a starting pay of approximately $9.75 per hour with the potential to earn $15 or more per hour,” James said. “As I understand it, the benefits of such a position would be full health insurance coverage for the employee paid by the employer and a 50-percent match toward any 401(k) contributions.”

That’s an attractive package for local employees who are seeking to better their situation financially. Sumter County is certainly within driving distance to Marengo residents.

We urge each of you to stop by Demopolis City Hall or the Demopolis Career Center and fill out a form saying you support having this business in and around our community.

They would certainly be a welcome sight.