Demopolis report cards to be sent out on Wednesday

Published 6:46 pm Monday, October 13, 2008

Demopolis City Schools will issue their report cards for the first nine-week period this Wednesday, the first chance of the school year to check their children’s progress.

“It’s been a wonderful first nine weeks for the school system,” said Demopolis City School superintendent Dr. L. Wayne Vickers. “I’ve been very pleased. The amount of effort that goes into starting a school system is just enormous. I have to thank our administrators and teachers and staff members for all of their hard work they put in to making this first nine weeks super.

“We’ve had recognition as a school system, with Demopolis High School and the Blue Ribbon award. I’m very pleased with the opening of the four-room addition at the high school, and the stadium is making progress. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, people will be able to see it take shape.”

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Vickers said he wanted parents and guardians to pay close attention to the report cards and progress reports.

“It’s a good time to touch base with the teachers,” he said. “If there are some things that you feel you want to discuss with the teacher, we have a Web site that is interactive and you can e-mail the teacher. There are just so many different ways to communicate now. People can also call. Our schools are easily accessible. They can contact us by phone, go to the Web site ( and click on the faculty or staff member and e-mail them from there. Also, most teachers give out their e-mail address to parents at the beginning of the year.”

Vickers mentioned that the first Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting was held Monday at Westside Elementary School.

“I’d like to encourage anyone to attend these meetings,” he said. “PTA is a great opportunity for parents to be involved with the schools”

He added that people don’t have to be parents to be a member of the PTA.

“We have a lot of aunts and uncles and grandparents and other individuals who join,” he said. “We encourage them to join. A lot of times, they have more time to give us to volunteer. It’s a great organization.

“Our PTA has done an outstanding job raising money and doing things for the school system. We are very fortunate to have quality parents in our system. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Demopolis City Schools.”

Faculty and staff members will be able to get flu shots on today and Wednesday.

“We work in a profession that we get exposed to a lot of things, so this is something that our staff coordinates for us in cooperation with the health department,” Vickers said.