Soup is a good fit for cool weather

Published 10:35 pm Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s so nice to drive all throughout the neighborhoods and see the beautiful mums and pumpkins decorating the streets.

This weather is just to die for. You have to admit, this has to be the most fabulous time of the year!

Football is still in full swing, everyone is so relieved that it’s not as hot. I just can’t wait for Winter to get here!

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It was dreary and rainy the other day and I just couldn’t help but crave some soup. I knew I had some potatoes and chicken, so why not make some soup?

What I do is boil some chicken in a pot. While the chicken is boiling I pull out my spices I want to use. This time of year is always good for Thyme. I love cooking with Thyme. Of course I’m going to use some salt, pepper and garlic.

I sprinkle some garlic salt and salt and pepper while the chicken is boiling. While that is cooking, I cut my potatoes into a small dice. I found some baby carrots and onions in the refrigerator. I cut them up as well into small dice. After the chicken had boiled, I used a pair of tongs and removed the chicken from the boiling broth.

I put the cut up potatoes, onions and carrots into the broth and let it begin to boil yet again. While I’m cutting the chicken up I add just a pinch of Thyme to the potato mixture.

After about 10 minutes of them boiling I add the chicken back into the mixture. Then, I add just a bit of heavy cream.

You can even add sour cream, whichever you have in your fridge. While all of that incorporates, I taste it just to make sure my spices are right. You know seasoning soups and such needs to be done to each persons desired taste. I like a strong Thyme flavor, so I added a bit more.

That’s a simple, inexpensive soup. I sometimes add shredded cheddar cheese to a bowl of this soup, if I already have it in the fridge. You can make homemade cornbread or even some quick and easy garlic toast to go along with it as well.

I guess everyone is getting ready for the trick or treaters. You know I have a good friend whose child has a severe peanut allergy.

There are a lot of kids in this area who have an allergy to things made with peanuts. I have learned in the past few months there is only certain candies this child can have.

Please when you go buy candy for these kids this year, check the bag. It will have a section dedicated to allergy awareness. It will say made with peanuts, peanut oil or in a facility that processes things with peanuts.

It’s just a quick and easy step someone can take so that all children can have a tasty treat. You never know who is going to knock on your door on Halloween.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather. Try the soup, it’s a crowd pleaser and it’ll warm you up on these cooler nights.

Until next time, have a good day today and a better day tomorrow.

Jennifer Whaley is owner and chef at Lemon Grass on Highway 80.