DPD will be out in force on Halloween

Published 10:52 pm Monday, October 20, 2008

While Halloween is a time for trick-or-treaters, the Demopolis Police Department wants everyone to know that they will work to cut down on the trickery so that everyone can have a treat.

Demopolis Police Chief Tim Williams wants the city to know that the DPD will be out patrolling in numbers on Halloween night.

“We will be out in force,” Williams said. “Halloween is on a Friday this year, and we’ll be working through the weekend with extra personnel, and we will have a no-tolerance policy on damage to property, criminal mischief and littering.”

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Williams said that Halloween is always a problem for police everywhere, particularly when Halloween falls on a weekend, as it does next Friday, Oct. 31, and added that the things the officers will be watching for is egging vehicles.

“That will ruin the paint on a car,” he said, “and that costs thousands of dollars. The malicious damage is what we will not tolerate. We got stopped when we were kids, and we’re going to stop them and search them. If they’ve got toilet paper, they’re going to lose it.

“I don’t know what it is, people think that Halloween is a time to go around damaging teachers’ property — that’s usually the biggest problem. One of the problems is that we’ve got parents driving their kids around to do it.”

Williams reiterated that the Demopolis Police Department will be out in extra numbers on Halloween weekend to help prevent the damage to personal property that the holiday traditionally brings about.