Gas prices drop after record spike

Published 12:44 am Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gas prices are dropping steeply nationwide, and the nation’s drivers are seeing a favorable change at the pump and in their wallets.

In Alabama, the price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline dropped more than a dollar in the last month. Gas prices in Alabama rank 24th nationwide, averaging $2.685 a gallon for regular unleaded, according to

As of yesterday, Oklahoma tops the list at $2.264 per gallon, while Alaska is on the bottom at $3.615 per gallon. There is a steep drop from No. 49 California’s $3.161 per gallon and No. 50 Hawai’i’s $3.607 per gallon.

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A quick tour of the gas stations of Demopolis found prices at or around $2.559 per gallon for regular unleaded gas, and people were out taking advantage of the lower prices.

“It just dropped,” said Sid Clayton of Demopolis. “It was almost $4 a gallon, and now, $2.55 — that’s just great. With me being a truck driver, I kind of watch it in different states and different towns. I can afford to travel now!

“I was paying right at $3.89 a gallon, and now — this is a big car! Now, I can afford to fill it with gas!”

“It’s wonderful,” said Angelia McCoy of Demopolis. “I’d like to see it come down a little more. There were times when I could only get a couple of gallons. Now, I can fill up, just about anywhere. It’s coming down pretty good.”

“I’m glad they’re coming down,” said Fadedric Sanders of Demopolis, “especially since I drive trucks to work and stuff. Gas was a bill — still is a bill, really.”

“I think we’re all thankful that they’re coming down,” said Martha McKnight of Demopolis about the prices. “I think that, sometimes, the problems that we are in are exaggerated, and that we cause them ourselves by not all working together and working for a common goal.”

“We traveled to the beach — Orange Beach — this past weekend,” said Jennifer Lay of Demopolis, “and it was still high here. As we got closer to the beach, it was going down by 10 cents. When we got to Jackson and Vernon and Mobile, it was, like, $2.99, and we recognized that it was going down. When we finally got to Orange Beach, before we got to the beach, it was $2.88. When we got on the beach, right across the street from our condo, it was $2.78. They really want your business at the beach; they want you to stay at the beach! When we got back here, we noticed that it was still high — I mean everywhere.

“My husband and I argued a little because I lease my vehicle (an SUV), and my lease is up at the end of November. He said, ‘You’re going to have to go to a van because the gas prices are so high.’ So, now, I’m saying, ‘Ooh! Now they’re going down! I don’t want to go to a van! I’ve got three children — I want the Suburban!’ I’m delighted that they’re going down so I can stay with the Suburban!”

Lay added that although the prices are going down, she thinks that they aren’t as low as they could be.

“We think we’re getting a good deal, but we’re still not,” she said. “It goes down 10 or 15 cents, people think, ‘Oh, my gosh! We’re just getting the best deal!’ But, if we just act like we’re going to drill somewhere — not necessarily drill, but act like it; just told somebody that we’re going to do it — I guarantee the prices would go right on down.”

Gas prices may continue to fall, remain about where they are now or (knock on wood) go back up again, but one thing is sure: the current trend is something that no one is complaining about.