A violent reminder

Published 7:08 pm Thursday, October 30, 2008

On a business trip to Birmingham yesterday, I witnessed one of the most violent auto accidents I’ve ever seen. That says a lot taking into account all the Die Hard 500s and Coca Cola 600s I’ve been to over the years.

While traveling on I-65 I followed the truck in front of me onto the Lakeshore Drive exit. Up ahead of us both was a car stopped in the middle of the off-ramp – slightly off to the right.

I thought surely the driver in front of me saw her. After all, I was behind him and I saw her and adjusted my path; veering slightly more left to miss her car.

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With each passing second it came more and more obvious the driver in front of me didn’t see the motorist in front of him and after just a few more seconds – amid an explosion of metal glass – the front of his truck was buried in her trunk.

As I sit here writing this I am still amazed no one was injured. After the 50-plus mile an hour collision was over, I sat in my truck for a few moments just knowing that when I got out to check on either driver I was likely to find carnage on some level. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, but I’m still not sure how.

I won’t begin to cast accusations as to why the driver in front of me failed to move over, or how he could have possibly missed the immobile car more than 100 yards in front of him.

Some times after you witness something like that the obvious becomes even more clear. Pay close attention while you’re behind the wheel. There’s no telling what may happen.