Football season is tailgate time

Published 9:35 pm Friday, November 7, 2008

First off can I get a big Roll Tide?

No. 1, baby!

I’m telling you, football this past weekend was absolutely fabulous.

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Texas Tech rocked it out.

I’ve never screamed so much. The one thing I love about football is the food. I automatically think chicken and burgers.

I decided to fire up the ole’ smoker this past weekend. I’ve been cooking over a grill all summer long, but I wanted something with a more smoked flavor to it.

I went to the local grocery store and got some chicken wings and ground chuck.

When I season chicken, I want something a little different. I knew I had some fresh rosemary in the herb garden.

I also like a slight salt flavor with it.

I took the wings and tossed them in some seasoning salt. Sometimes simple is the best way for great food.

I also pulled some rosemary off of a twig and rolled the wings in it, put them on the smoker and let them cook slowly.

While the chicken is cooking you can take some Texas Pete Hot Sauce and heat it in a small sauce pan. While it gets warm, take a small stick of butter and melt in the hot sauce.

If I want something a little sweet, I divide the sauce and add a small amount of brown sugar to it. That’s a quick and simple wing sauce.

When I cook a burger in more of a “tailgate” scene, I like to add everything into the burger. I love blue cheese.

I take a small onion and cut it in a small dice.

I mix the ground chuck, salt, pepper, blue cheese crumbles and onion all together.

Now it’s time to make your patties. When the chicken is ready to come off the smoker I am ready to put the burgers on.

Cooking the burgers on the smoker adds that little extra flavor you will need to be a nice compliment to the blue cheese.

I like to take the hamburger buns out of the package and wrap them in aluminum foil, pop them in the oven and heat them up for a while.

There is nothing like a hot bun. There you have it: Some quick and easy ways to feed your hungry guest.

I know one thing, between all this football, holidays and wonderful weather I can hardly contain my happiness.

This is such a great time to entertain and be with friends. I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season so far.

Until next time, have a good day today and a better day tomorrow.

Jennifer Whaley is the owner and chef at Lemon Grass on Highway 80.