Give what you can

Published 7:46 pm Friday, November 14, 2008

Early November is the time when the holiday seasons start to get into swing. It’s a time of celebration with family and friends, and because of that, it is a time when charitable events ask for community help the most.

Marengo County is no exception. Starting Monday, Samaritan’s Purse’s “Operation: Christmas Child Shoebox Project” will be taking shoeboxes full of gifts for needy children around the world at the Bethel Baptist Association in Linden. Thursday night, Relay for Life held its kickoff event, and will use the Christmas season to further promote its cause. Salvation Army workers are already out, ringing bells and taking donations for its work, and many other events and charities will be asking for donations for those in need.

While the economy may make it more difficult to give, it should not totally erase making donations altogether. There is a lot that we all can be thankful for, no matter how bad our situation may seem. Compared to a lot of people around the world, even the most destitute of Americans has a good life. We need to return that good fortune for those less fortunate.

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Make it a point to make a donation, whether it is a straight monetary donation or through gifts. There will be several opportunities to give to others over the next two months, and we encourage everyone to do what they can to help others. We want to thank charitable organizations for providing people with the opportunity to help others. Many people want to make donations for the benefit of others, but cannot find the opportunity to do so.

Give what you can when the opportunity arises, and don’t compare what you give with what others give. It should be a measure of what you can afford to give, and every bit that is donated counts. The act of giving brings more personal rewards than the amount that you give. Do what you can for those who do without.