Gateway to the holidays

Published 6:03 pm Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving is, in my opinion, the best way to kick off the holiday season.

I’m in favor of any holiday when it’s acceptable to gorge yourself on seasonal treats to the point of critical mass.

I’m fortunate in that both my maternal and paternal sets of grandparents are still living. Both of my grandmothers are world-class cooks.

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They cook their courses in very different ways, so even the same dishes taste different as we’d travel from house to house.

However, the human stomach is only designed to hold so much turkey and dressing.

I can remember struggling to drive the 20 or so miles from one house to the other, fighting off a turkey-induced coma.

The newspaper business rarely affords a typical “off day” on such a holiday. The old saying goes, “News stops for no man.”

That’s especially true for those of us who write it. As I got into the workforce the time I was able to spend at my grandparents’ homes for these holidays has began to shrink. We wind up having to hop from house to house on a holiday schedule and steal what time we can here and there.

So, for those gearing up for a day full of food and football, I salute you.

May your turkey be moist and your meals be hearty.

Happy Thanksgiving.