Train wreck coming to linden

Published 9:36 am Monday, December 1, 2008

The Linden restaurant facility once called “Bullets” is about to be resurrected. The modern building has been vacant since closing in December, 2000.

Kathy Lewis, the new owner, says a new eatery called “J&K Whistle Stop II” should open there about the first of the year. She says it will be neither a fast-food or buffet operation but “…we will get the food out fast.”

Steaks, ribs and seafood will be featured with a specialty in slow-cooked ribs that involves a six-hour cooking process. Initially it will be open for lunch carrying 10 entrees. Lunch prices will start at $7 including tax and tea.

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Lewis currently operates two other nearby restaurants: “J&K Whistle Stop” in Butler and “J&K Junction” in Toxey. She also is a teacher at Alabama Southern in Gilberttown and taught in public schools for 33 years. This teacher/restaurateur says also her mission in life “…is to provide true Christmas story books for every kindergarden in Alabama.”

One popular menu item in Choctaw County that will be included in the Linden offering is called “Train Wreck,” a loaded baked potato.

Bullets reportedly invested heavily in their aborted Linden fast food facility but failed as then manager Ken Barstow explained because “…they just did not come.” There were 10 Bullets owned by a company that at the time also owned Linden’s “Tri-Mart.”

The new Whistle Stop is located on a 2.5-acre lot on Main Street directly across from city hall.