Linden creates $2.9-million wish list

Published 11:36 pm Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Linden city officials are finished composing their wish lists, hoping to get a piece of the federal stimulus package being engineered by President Barack Obama.

In December, the then President-elect unveiled a plan to spend roughly $700 billion to pull the U.S. out of recession that’s considered by some economists to be the worst since the Great Depression.

Municipalities were asked to create lists of what “shovel ready” projects were ready to go once a stimulus package is passed by Congress. These are initiatives that are ready to begin as soon as the funding is there.

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“We sent in a big wish list,” city administrator Cheryl Hall told the Linden City Council on Tuesday. “We have listed $2.9 million in projects.”

Hall said the list includes funding for projects such as renovating the library and road to the industrial park, recreation improvements to Scott and Austin parks, and street and drainage improvements.

“Our name is in the list,” said Hall. “I know it is far fetched (to expect we will ever see that much), but we did turn it in like requested.”

In other business…

The Linden city council recognized school board members from Linden City School District and Marengo County School District for School Board Member Appreciation Month.

The city council also passed a resolution showing their appreciation to the contributions the two boards make to the city and county.

School board members who were present to receive the resolution were Jim Wicks, Eunice Jones, Francis Jackson, Joyce Yeager, Jan Bradford, Hale Smith and Mike Emmons.

The city council voted to reappoint Tom Collins to the city’s park and recreation board. The motion to appoint Collins was made by Breckenridge. It passed with a unanimous vote.