Church Aflame moves into new building

Published 11:52 pm Monday, January 26, 2009

The Church Aflame World Outreach Ministries is ready to move into its new building behind Sonic Drive-In on U.S. Highway 80 West.

“We are a non-denominational church,” said senior pastor Mickey Green. “We are very much a mission-minded church.”

Green is excited about the church’s new facility.

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“We have been in the building process for two years,” he said. “We bought the land and paid it off in just under two years. We bought six acres here, and then we started building.

“We built a $1.4-million facility for $830,000. We really have been blessed. It took a long time. We thought it would be eight months, but it took a year and a half, but we saved so much money that we’re not complaining.”

This Sunday through Wednesday, Feb. 1-4, the church will have a celebration for the new facility. On Monday, Feb. 2, it will have a dedication for the building at 7 p.m.

Green said the church rented a storefront building next to Family Dollar before making the move to the permanent facility.

Green was an ordained Assembly of God minister for 35 years.

“We resigned to become non-denominational,” he said. “We felt like we could do more with missions. We started as the First Assembly of God in 1959. We changed our name to Church Aflame World Outreach Ministries, and we later resigned our affiliation with the Assemblies of God.

“We are not independent. We consider ourselves to very interdependent. We are part of a large association of non-denominational churches that is 4.5 million people strong.”

The church’s missions include works in Vietnam, where a missionary couple has been for 11 years.

“In Vietnam, it’s against the law to be a Christian,” Green said. “They’ll put you in prison. They have over 157 underground churches planted. They are there on a humanitarian visa. They help crippled people and deaf people, they help kids with cleft palates get surgeries. That keeps them in the country, where they can preach the gospel.

“We have a young missionary lady in Singapore, and she is presenting the gospel undercover, also. We are part of three orphanages in Moldova that keeps young teenage girls off the streets. It provides them with a place to stay until they can be trained and get a job.”

The new facility is lined with palms from South Carolina that make the building stand out. Green said he hopes to name the road leading to the church Oasis Drive.

For more information, contact the church at 289-5809.