Column: Jump on the paper bandwagon

Published 11:59 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, this is the second edition of your Demopolis Times under its new format and new look.

We hope you’re enjoying it thus far.

If you are one of our customers who purchase their newspaper from one of our newsstands, I apologize for what apparently was a scavenger hunt Wednesday.

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Newsstands all over town ran out by late Wednesday afternoon. We filled them back up Wednesday night only to see them emptied again by Thursday evening.

We increased the numbers of newspapers available in these racks even more for today’s edition. Hopefully, you found this edition much easier to locate.

It’s awfully cold outside these days.

Why don’t you let us bring the newspaper to your home?

It would cut down on both your drive and your search and it would guarantee you get the news about your friends and neighbors.

There’s never been a better time to subscribe than right now.

For the rest of the month you can get a six-month subscription to your Demopolis Times for only $32.70 and you can give one to a current non-subscriber for free.

That means you can get one for yourself and give one to your neighbor, your mother, your children or a name picked randomly from the phone book.

We’ve added many new features to the Demopolis Times and hopefully, in reading, you’ll feel more connected to your community than ever before.

Even as technology continues to evolve, the majority of any given community still prefer to pick up a newspaper.

Here are some statistics compiled by the National Newspaper Association:

Where people get their local news: 59 percent from the local newspaper (compared to 45 percent in 2007); 11 percent from television (compared to 20 percent in 2007); 9 percent friends and-or relatives; 6.6 percent radio; 3.4 percent Internet.

Where people prefer to get their news from, if they had a choice: 64 percent from the local newspaper; 10 percent, television; 5.4 percent, radio; 5.2 percent, friends or relatives.

The findings also found that 99 percent of readers read local news; 69 percent read local news “very often.”

Again, there’s never been a better time to join the reading masses who pick up their Demopolis Times twice each week.

If you’ll let us into your home twice each week for just six months, you may just find yourself hooked.

Give us a call at (334) 289-4017 and start your subscription today.

Jason Cannon is editor and publisher of the Demopolis Times.