Carjacking in Linden ends with arrest

Published 12:39 am Saturday, February 7, 2009

A carjacking that began in Linden late Thursday night led police officials through Thomaston and into Bibb County, where the perpetrator was caught.

According to Linden police chief Scott McClure, Eddie Williams of Linden was arrested in Bibb County, where charges are pending.

Sometime between 10 and 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Williams is alleged to have gotten into a vehicle as a guest and got into the back seat. During the drive, he is alleged to have pointed a .22-caliber pistol to the back of the front-seat passenger’s head and told the driver to take them to Thomaston.

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Once in Thomaston, the suspect told the other two people to get out of the vehicle and is alleged to have robbed them, taking their cell phones and money, leaving them standing by the road. The suspect then headed north on Ala. Highway 25 in the vehicle.

The victims were able to find a phone and called the Marengo County Sheriff’s Department, and sheriff’s officers brought them back to the sheriff’s station in Linden.

Linden police officers questioned the victims at the station and got information about what happened. Police put out a statewide advisory with a description of the car and the suspect.

“Brent Police Department located the car and made the traffic stop,” McClure said. “He was arrested and is incarcerated in the Bibb County Jail.”

McClure credited the Marengo County Sheriff’s Department for its quick reaction time and its effort in tracking the suspect.

“I do want to thank Bibb County for being so attentive in noticing the vehicle,” McClure said. “They made the traffic stop and realized they had who they were supposed to have.”

McClure said that Williams will be charged in Bibb County as a felon with a firearm as well as possession of stolen property.