Florist stays busy for Valentine’s Day

Published 11:22 pm Friday, February 13, 2009

you are like most men out there, you are probably thinking flowers.

Valentines Day is a huge day for florists, and they put a lot of planning into it.

“I keep a record from year to year of what we do,” said Flowers by Maison de Briques co-owner Kay Evans. “I try to have an idea, but when it’s on a weekend like this, you never know what to expect.

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“Right after Christmas, we have to start placing our orders with our growers and wholesalers. We have to order the vases. You have to have your order in on the flowers six weeks before Valentines Day.

“We’ve been preparing for about a week, trying to get our flowers in and processed,” she said. “It’s like food: you can’t do too much too early. Everything is last-minute.”

The trouble with Valentines Day falling on a weekend is that couples are more likely to plan Saturday events like picnics, travel or other things that weekdays don’t lend themselves to. When Valentines Day falls on a weekday, couples are more likely to send flowers to their loved one at work or to bring them home.

“People like to have flowers sent to them at work,” Evans said, “where everyone can see what a good guy you are. A lot of people are sending them on Saturday because people are going to be home.”

Some 2,000 roses were ordered for the special day, along with other cut flowers, fillers, teddy bears and other things.

“When a man comes in, all he knows is red roses,” Evans said. “So that’s what he asks for. It means ‘I love you.’”

Evans said that her personal favorite Valentines gift is flowers, although she is around them all the time.

“We said this week that if we went home, even after we have worked all week long, if our husbands had a vase of flowers waiting for us, that would still be the sweetest gift,” she said.