STI Home helpful to students and parents

Published 10:32 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Modern advancements in technology can be a scary thing. Google maps can pinpoint its global GPS to the extent that millions of Internet users can zero in on every home on your street.

The United States Army can launch a missile from a base in Florida and hit a dime in a parking lot in Iraq, and you can have an accident on the most desolate country road and your vehicle will call first responders for you.

But in many cases, these advancements can make our lives much easier as with the establishment of STI Home at Sweet Water High School.

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This software allows parents to check in on their student’s progress virtually any time of the day or night. It makes being involved in your child’s education much simpler and, most importantly, it takes away a lot of excuses for not being involved.

It can be difficult to make time to make sure homework is done and see what areas your child may need more specialized help. Now, with the click of the mouse, you don’t have to make time, you just have to find time.

In times of proration and budget cuts, parents are becoming a more integral tool in a child’s education. Having this access at our disposal is just a larger and more handy tool to have in the box.